Meet Adoptable IGs

IGCA Rescue volunteers will be out and about on Saturday to meet and greet the public with some of their Italian Greyhound ambassadogs who want to meet you. They will be at Natural Pawz's Bellaire store location this Saturday, February 13. Some of the IG ambassadogs will be current rescue fosters looking to find their new homes. Others will be former rescues who have already found their forever homes, but just can't get enough attention. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about this wonderful breed, and talk to rescue volunteers about the advantages of adoption. It's always greyt fun, and we hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 13 — 11 AM till 3 PM
Natural Pawz - Bellaire
(4032 Bellaire Blvd - West U, Whole Foods Center, 713-665-PAWZ)

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2016 IGCA Rescue Calendar

2016 is now HERE — it's time to order your new IGCA Rescue calendar! You'll see some of the most beautiful IG's from the show world, gorgeous purely pets, puppies, seniors, service dogs, and IG activity stars.

Still only $12 per calendar, 100% of your payment will go to help the approximately 1,000 IG's that enter the IGCA Rescue program every year ... humans don't benefit from the sale of these calendars ... only the IG's!

Click here for more information. And there are lots of other greyt things at the IG Rescue Items site.

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Dog Food/Treat Recalls

Recalls involving dog foods and treats are announced with disturbing frequency. Check-out the following links to learn more about the latest recalls, and help make sure your Italian Greyhounds and other dogs are safe...

The Dog Food Advisor

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

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