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Biggy Iggy Auction

Would you like to own the breathtaking Hutschenreuther fine porcelain figurine of Frederick the Great and his Italian Greyhound? Would you like to leaf through a 244 page book of the IG Champions from 1952 to 1987? Would the man in your life like a very attractive IG tie? Would your spoiled rotten IG daughter like an article of clothing made of genuine cashmere? Would you like to stop freezing your own neck off in the winter? Where can you find rare antique IG jewelry? Do you know about the Carmen Miranda / IG connection? To get the answers to all these questions, just click here (or on the logo above).

This BIA runs for 8 weeks, and each week will have about 40 new and different items. Minimum bids are low and INCLUDE SHIPPING! Make sure you visit all auction pages to see every item — page numbers are listed at the bottom.

This auction benefits the 1,000 or so dogs that enter IGCA Rescue every year (you can imagine what the vet bills are). Every bid helps THOUSANDS of Italian Greyhounds (including your own!) by supporting the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation and the Italian Greyhound Health Foundation. The auction started on Sunday, August 3rd at 7 PM CDT. Head over there NOW and take a preliminary look-see. The full auction is 8 weeks, with 40 to 50 new and DIFFERENT items every week! It costs nothing to just take a look! HAVE FUN!

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Italian Greyhounds love their humans! If you add an IG to your life, be prepared to give them as much love and attention as they give to you — it will be the best deal of your life!

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Dog Food/Treat Recalls

Sadly, recalls involving dog foods and treats are announced with disturbing frequency. Check-out the following links to learn more about the latest recalls, and make sure your Italian Greyhounds and other dogs are safe...

The Dog Food Advisor

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

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