PlayDate PicsIs Your Italian Greyhound Ready

The Italian Greyhound Club of Greater Houston is hosting its annual Fall PlayDate on Saturday, October 24, in Pearland. The fun begins at 11 AM and continues through the afternoon. You and your Italian Greyhound(s) can enjoy the company of likeminded humans and IG's (there were around 60 IG's at the last one!). Food and soft drinks will be provided by the IGCGH. And the Halloween Costume Contest (for Iggies) makes this event very popular!

Questions? Need directions? Click here for more information.

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Dog Food/Treat Recalls

Sadly, recalls involving dog foods and treats are announced with disturbing frequency. Check-out the following links to learn more about the latest recalls, and make sure your Italian Greyhounds and other dogs are safe...

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FDA - Food and Drug Administration

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