Biggy Iggy Auction

The 2016 Biggy Iggy Auction starts Sunday evening, July 31st at 7 PM Houston time!

BIA will run for 8 weeks and will feature between 40 and 50 DIFFERENT items each week! It will be up and running for the months of August and September. The greyt news is that this auction benefits Italian Greyhound Rescue & Health and NOT any human!

If you have participated in BIA in the past several years know how much fun it is. This year there will be auctions run on behalf of: The Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation (IGCA), The Italian Greyhound Health Foundation (IGCA), Hazeljane's Blessings Italian Greyhound Rescue, and Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue. All four of these groups are federally designated 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations. All are beyond WONDERFUL and all do so much for the little guys and gals that we all love.

Click here to join the fun and help IG rescue take care of these greyt dogs!

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Seth Meyer's IG Frisbee vs. the Champion Italian Greyhound — Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Dog Food/Treat Recalls

Recalls involving dog foods and treats are announced with disturbing frequency. Check-out the following links to learn more about the latest recalls, and help make sure your Italian Greyhounds and other dogs are safe...

The Dog Food Advisor

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

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