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Pic1Through the efforts of an amazing, giving heart, Henry’s Heart Iggy Rescue was created and awarded 501(c)(3) status in the fall of 2018. Henry’s Heart was born from the efforts of a very dedicated rescue volunteer and a rescue friendship dating back to 2006.  


Pic2The mission of Henry’s Heart is twofold. First, it helps pay for the myriad minor costs frequently borne by its dedicated team of Italian Greyhound rescue volunteers. These volunteers perform many functions and fulfill many needs including things like transportation, foster care, providing prescription dog food, nail trims, heartworm medications, generating required paperwork, finding forever homes for rescues and any other realistic needs that help support a rescued dog’s quality of life.

Henry’s Heart’s second, but also important mission, is to support the needs of mixed breed or special needs Italian Greyhounds who fall outside the rescue guidelines of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation (IGRF) but who are still so deserving of a chance at life and a loving home. 


Many of these activities generate costs beyond the scope of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation which funds most of the veterinary care to rescued Italian Greyhounds throughout the United States. Henry’s Heart was founded to supplement those national efforts and to support our local volunteers who fulfill the precious mission of helping dogs in need of rescue.


Many lives have been saved through the generosity of Henry’s Heart’s co-founder. This rescue is her gift to continue the work she no longer can.








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