Would you like to see a favorite video clip again? Almost all of the clips previously seen in our IGTheater are available for encores in the IggiPlex theaters. Video clips are arranged in the order of their original presentation at IGHouston — in other words, IggiPlex 1 begins with the very first attractions. There are 8 videos per Plex, so to speak. Now, just click on a theater and enjoy. (At least 20 IggiPlex theaters coming soon!)

NOTE: Some video clips diplay activity which is not recommended with IG's. ALWAYS use caution and common sense with your dog when around larger dogs or small children. When travelling in a car, keep your IG in a crate or securely harnessed. And NEVER trust your Italian Greyhound off-leash in an unfenced area.

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IggiPlex 1
IG Happy Dance, My Italian Greyhound Pete, Italian Greyhounds Running, NOTRA Nationals/October 2006, Vacuuming with My Italian Greyhounds, Italian Greyhound Puppies Sit!, Talking in His Sleep, Peter the Talking Dog.

IggiPlex 2
AKC Agility Nationals State JWW, Italian Greyhound Pupsicles, Italian Greyhound (Who Hates Cold Feet), Italian Greyhound Watching an IG on YouTube, The Smartest Dog, Isa's New Boots, LGRA/NOTRA Nationals 2006 - Shot on Site Photography, Coolio and Scarlett.

IggiPlex 3
Sydney Can Entertain Himself, Italian Greyhound Play Date Hayward CA 2006, Bella the Smiling Italian Greyhound, Italian Greyhounds Playing, Presto Meets Elmo TMX, Belkys & the Toy Truck, Italian Greyhound Tommy Gets iPod, Canine Christmas Sing Along.

IggiPlex 4
Italian Greyhound Tommy with Duck, Enzo Pong, Ernie Modeling His New Coat, Sleepy Sasha, Sassy the Italian Greyhound Tries Out Her New Snowsuit, The Boys Eating Bubbles, Chip's Tricks, Frankie With the Stolen Underwear.

IggiPlex 5
Foreign Title, Italian Greyhound Kumo on Slicks, Italian Greyhound vs. Great Dane, Lazy Sasha, Reva Meets an Opossum, Gulf Greyhound Park Adoption 1, , Gulf Greyhound Park Adoption 2, Gulf Greyhound Park Adoption 3.

IggiPlex 6
Italian Greyhounds Sleeping, Singing Italian Greyhounds, Carolyn Scott & Rookie, Italian Greyhound Swimming, Rudy Gets a Bath, Brady and Reva in the Morning, Italian Greyhound Caught!, Easy Living with Molly & Belle.

IggiPlex 7
Italian Greyhound Pup (Bowen), Bingo Pepper and TJ, Italian Greyhound Paradise 02, Teeth Match - Italian Greyhounds, Italian Greyhound Workout Video, Dog Wipes Her Feet, Foreign Title, Foreign Title.

IggiPlex 8
Series and Sequels — The Allie and Buddy Show: Episodes 1-6, Fonzi the Movie and More Fonzi.

IggiPlex 9
Miniature Pinscher VS Italian Greyhound 1, Are you shy?, DaVinci Loves Rice Cakes, DaVinci Learned to Wave, Baby Italian Greyhound, Don't Play with Your Food!, China My Italian Greyhound Talking, IG Playdate.

IggiPlex 10
Scuba Toby, Chorale Enzo Iris et Basilio, Italian Greyhounds Play Chase, IG Tommy Gives Helicopter to the Face, Foreign Title, Piccolo Levriero Italiano, Foreign Title, Foreign Title.

IggiPlex 11
Foreign Title, Foreign Title, Howling IGGY-Crying Baby, Rudy Roos Over IG/Baby Crying Video, Emka Busca Pulgas, A Lazy Day on the Bed - Enzo & Iris, Basilio & Enzo on Bed, Septemer 2007.

IggiPlex 12
IG Gixer at Dinner Table, Our Italian Greyhounds!, Italian Greyhound-Basilio, IG Listens to Birds, ItalianGreyhound Mana, Foreign Title, Nico's Birthday-1, Nico's Birthday-2.

IggiPlex 13
IG That Sings Song, IG NiteNite Tommy, Rufus in the Park, Soccer Dog, Small Garden Fast Dog (big Grey), Italian Greyhounds Getting A Drink, Sweet Pea Rides Again, Mario Doing Tricks.

IggiPlex 14
Pet Me Please, Caper Picklesworth's 1st Day Home, More IG Antics, Sydney Eats Peanut Butter, Sydney vs. Peanut Butter: Take II, Enzo Being Teased by a Sausage, Frankie on the Treadmill, Italian Greyhounds Play Chase.

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