The Italian Greyhound Club of America is the national "parent" club for the breed. One of the club's missions is rescue, and it has a nationwide organization of rescue representatives, foster homes and other volunteers, including some here in Houston. For more information about Houston-area IGCA rescues, please contact the Houston IGCA Rescue rep.

If you are seriously thinking about adopting an IG, here are some things to consider. Are you ready to adopt? Submitting an adoption application is the first step, and is required before meeting specific foster dogs in which you may have an interest. Click here for the adoption application.
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These IGCA rescues are looking for homes —

Elisa PhotoElisa

Contact IGCA about Elisa

Elisa is an absolute sweetheart! Her exact age is unknown but the vet estimates that she is between 7 – 10 years old and weighs in at 10 pounds. Her personality has really blossomed since coming into rescue a few months ago.

Although she prefers to relax in her crate, she ventures out on her own frequently, and is very curious about her surroundings. If she wants you to pet or hold her, she paws at you until you do so (she loves to be held and cuddled). As meal time approaches, she joins her foster brother (a Lab/Pointer mix) and sisters (also Italian Greyhounds) in the kitchen, wagging her tail with excitement. Her lack of teeth does not stop her from enjoying small kibble.

She has mastered potty pads, choosing the ones outside of her crate over the one inside (she is a very tidy girl). Being outdoors for too long still makes her anxious, but she continues to make progress, especially if the weather is to her liking. She also loves snuggling with her 5-year-old human foster brother. Elisa would probably do best in a home with another dog to help with her confidence.

This calm and affectionate girl can’t wait to find her forever home.

Cristina PhotoCristina

Contact IGCA about Cristina

Cristina is a 9 year old, 17 pound, calm and collected lady. She doesn't need to be in control to rule her domain. She's an old soul with sudden spurts of vigor and playfulness.

This sweet lady is independent and can while away the day sunbathing, so don't forget the dog-safe sunscreen or a shirt! Cristina is a healthy eater and the best potty-trained IG seen by her fosters. She also is well behaved at night, sleeping soundly in her crate, even if she may think bedtime comes too early.

Jenny and Roozie PhotoJenny and Roozie

Contact IGCA about Jenny and Roozie

We are Jenny and Roozie. We are brother and sister who have lived together all our lives until we lost our original family and home. We love each other and would like to stay together. We are a social, fun-loving, 10 year-old duo.

I’m Jenny –the one with mostly white body and fawn patches. I’m about 14 pounds and my eyes will melt your heart.

I’m Roozie. I am a mostly fawn male with white patches. I weigh about 15 pounds. My big eyes are full of happiness, with a slight twinkle of mischief.

We sleep together on the couch or in a doggie bed. I, Jenny, like to be under a blanket, but Roozie doesn't. I will let you know if Roozie pulls the blanket off of me and I cannot get back under by myself. I love my blankie.

I, Jenny, am a very sweet and gentle lady without the nervous energy that some iggies have. I am not hesitant to become friends with humans, other dogs, or even cats for that matter! I use a potty pad and also go outside to take care of my personal business.

At my age I, Roozie, am not high-energy. Like many iggies, I do enjoy loving attention and snuggling. Respectful children would be good for me. Like my sister, I do like my blanket but I don’t have to be under it all the time—if I do want to go under it, I may ask for help. My foster mom says I am a silly guy that is always happy. I am friendly with everyone. I also use a potty pad and go outside to take care of my personal business. I’m used to wearing a belly-band when unsupervised.

Our foster home has several other IGs that have welcomed us into their pack and we have done well, but we would love a family and home to call our own again. (fostering in Beaumont)

Tevi PhotoTevi

Contact IGCA about Tevi

Hi, Hi, Hi! Tevi here. Mom (foster) said that since I've been in rescue for a while that I was ready to write my own bio. So here I go.

If I do say so myself I am kind of a handsome dude, don't you think? I keep myself slim … 12 pounds by eating right and exercising at the dog park. I am about 5-6 years old. I have all sorts of hidden talents. I can always tell when it's time to go to bed or if my foster Mom or Dad need to go out somewhere, I run into my crate so I can beat my foster brothers and sisters to the treats. I like to have first choice.

I love to eat! I am right up front when my foster dad is handing out treats and CHEESE. I also love vegetables, even kale! I give my foster mom and dad kisses and nose sniffs now which I learned from my foster brother. I love to play with toys and enjoy playing with my foster brothers and sisters. When I came into rescue I was a bit scared since I wasn't use to people, but I've come a long way baby! Sometimes they still make me nervous, especially men. I had some medical issues but I'm doing well now.

What I am looking for in a forever family is someone who will be home with me a lot because I need to continue to socialize with people. Also, I need a fur brother or sister to give me courage when I encounter new things. I will also need a yard to potty, because even though I am housebroken I get too nervous on leash to potty, so I need someplace quiet to potty. Going out into the world still scares me some, so I need practice being on leash, but I do pretty well when I'm with my fur brother. I also enjoy the dog park and have made lots of friends.

Lady Lacy PhotoLady Lacy
I'm Special

Contact IGCA about Lady Lacy

Position Sought:  Apple of Your Eye

Seriously, if Lady could talk, this is what she'd say. She wants desperately to be someone's princess, not to compete for attention or status in the pack. Though she does well here with my pack, I have to say that I think Lady does not particularly like being a foster dog. Lady Lacy is waiting for something that may take some time to find for her, because she is "special."

Some dogs are easy to love. Cute and confident and sweet, who were not scarred by life and who meet the world expecting great things. But some dogs need a special adopter with a heart that meets them half way, who can see beyond the lumps and bumps and wounds of life, to the terrific dog who is there, ready to love.  That would be Lady Lacy. Lady was rescued from a shelter where her human mom of 8 years left her when her job required her to travel. Lady is beautiful and healthy, and her dearest wish is to once again be someone's special girl.

Lady is very sociable, greets strangers with a friendly greeting. But be a little careful when you reach to pet her because she becomes afraid sometimes if you touch her around her head or when she is not ready for it.  It seems has been conditioned by life to protect herself from harm. She will throw herself on the floor on her back with fear in her eyes as though you might kill her. Other times, she will relax and give you her belly to rub. She loves to give kisses and go for walks. She loves to curl up beside you on the sofa. She trained me to put pee pads out for her to use, but she happily goes outside every chance I give her and does all her business. She likes to patrol the yard. One of her endearing quirks is how she barks at Thunder as if to say, Hey cut it out!

If you are that special soul, who can deal with some hard-earned snarkiness, and appreciate a beautiful, playful IG, Lady Lacy needs you to give her some arms to trust. She is a great girl and deserving of her own family; she is so worth the extra efforts. Can you make room for Lady in your life? If you are that special person, please contact us. You will be richly rewarded for giving her a cherished place in life again. Lady Lacy is waiting.

Some Things to Consider Before Adopting an Italian Greyhound

Family Planning:
Italian Greyhounds are pack animals and they bond closely with their humans. They thrive on having attention. It is not unusual for people to acquire an Italian Greyhound before they are ready to start a family since they offer so much joy and companionship in the home. When children arrive in the home, balancing dog ownership and parenting can present challenges that result in the dog losing its home. Though it may be difficult for you to imagine giving up your "IG baby" for your human baby today, the arrival of children in the home is one of the top 5 reasons that IG's are given up by their owners. We appreciate your understanding our candor in asking about your plans for having children or grandchildren in your home so we have an opportunity to talk with you about the most common problems people face when they bring a new baby home. This will help you make an educated decision on whether an IG is going to mesh with your long term family plans. If we fail to ask you about it and children might be in your future, even 10 years from now, please ask your IGCA Rescue Representative about this important topic! We want you to be successful in giving one of our rescue IG's a loving family for life!

A Family for Life:
IG's can live as long as 18 years! It is our goal to place our rescue IG's in homes that will provide for the dog's health and safety in a loving family environment for the dog's lifetime. The younger the dog you adopt, the longer the commitment! We understand that circumstances can change and people are not always able to keep their rescue IG. However, if you have significant foreseeable changes in your life that will conflict with giving a rescue IG a life long commitment (multiple moves ahead of you, overseas travel, financial issues etc.), please consider other ways that you can enjoy this wonderful breed such as applying to foster which does not carry a long term commitment.

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