The Italian Greyhound Club of America is the national "parent" club for the breed. One of the club's missions is rescue, and it has a nationwide organization of rescue representatives, foster homes and other volunteers, including some here in Houston. For more information about Houston-area IGCA rescues, please contact the Houston IGCA Rescue rep.

If you are seriously thinking about adopting an IG, here are some things to consider. Are you ready to adopt? Submitting an adoption application is the first step, and is required before meeting specific foster dogs in which you may have an interest. Click here for the adoption application.
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These IGCA rescues are looking for homes —

Lawson  PhotoLawson

Contact IGCA about Lawson

Lawson came in off the streets because something got him and made a pretty good mess out of his neck. Fortunately he was found, taken to a vet and from there made his way to rescue where his care was continued. The neck wound healed beautifully, he had his teeth cleaned, was treated for heart worms and made good as new.

And new is good! Check out his before and after pictures to see for yourself. At a sleek and rippled 15 pounds, 5 year old Lawson is ready for anything and a family of his own is first on the list. Here's what he brings to the table —
• Incredible good looks, including perfect ears (we think one up, one down is perfect)
• House-trained, good with a doggie door
• Not a marker!
• Not a picky eater
• Crate-trained
• Loves walks, loves the car
• Energy level that is "just right"

He is a little guy with a personality that asserts itself the more comfortable he becomes. Always friendly with all people and animals, it turns out that he really prefers people over animals and furthermore will attach himself to one special person who will be HIS. Still loves everyone, but once he’s made his choice, he will become your shadow, and a soft place to land where ever you are is his idea of happiness.

Now Lawson is not perfect — although he is fine in a crate, he's more fine if you aren't there. Should you put him in the crate and be in the next room, he will sing — described so because he is a soprano with vibrato. (He has been neutered, remember). Lawson has had one very minor seizure in the 4 months he has been in rescue, but no other health issues we are aware of.

But that's still pretty close to perfect, don't you think? His nickname around here is Awesome Lawson. (fostering in Sugar Land)

Gracie  PhotoGracie

Contact IGCA about Gracie

Gracie is a petite 8 1/2 pound red girl with Irish markings. She is a youthful 7-year old. Writing Gracie’s biography has been challenging because she is in a delightful state of rapid change. You see, Gracie had the unfortunate circumstance of spending the first part of her life as a puppy maker at a large puppy mill in Mississippi. She lived in a cage which made her world and experiences very small and uncomfortable.

Naturally, when little Gracie was rescued, she was very afraid and untrusting of all the new attention, love, sounds, sights, and smells. So she was placed in a special foster home with sweet IGs that would teach Gracie the joys of being a loved IG.

The first thing Gracie learned about life outside the mill was there is an abundance of clean warm fleece. She loves it! You can actually see her happiness and appreciation for the luxury of fleece blankets. From there, she learned a myriad of super awesome things, such as: human hands dole out treats; running around on a grass lawn is exhilarating; play-bowing initiates games of chase; and when the dogs are called, something good is going to happen! Most recently, Gracie loves to be petted by her foster mom and dad. She has even learned how to ask for affection.

Every day Gracie changes a little bit from her fearful self to her true IG princess self. We do not know how confident and free from fear she will become. But we do think that Gracie is ready to be adopted by a special family. She needs someone that will love her just the way she is today, but will gently help her become all that she can be. Are you that someone special for Gracie? (fostering in Sugar Land)

Shadow  PhotoShadow

Contact IGCA about Shadow

Shadow is my name; following you around all day is my game! I'll stay near you so you remember I'm available for petting. If I had it my way, someone would always be petting me.

You may see my tongue sticking out occasionally because the two teeth I have are not enough to keep my tongue in my mouth. Two teeth are all I need for a good appetite! And I even like trying new foods. At my age, I know how to enjoy the good things in life. I enjoy walks and rides in the car. I have plenty of spunk, too. I get along with my three foster siblings — even if they come up craziness I don't participate in.

I am friendly and well-adjusted. I know most people are hesitant to say an IG is "house-broken," but you could pretty much say I am. I do so well, my foster mom was very impressed. I say, "Hey, at 12 years old you should know these things!"

I was with my family since I was just a pup, but when they fell on hard times they did the unselfish thing and brought me to rescue so I could be with someone who could take good care of me. So, if you are ready for a sociable and mature guy in your life, I am ready to start afresh with you.

Well, gotta run! I hear what sounds like a can of dog food being opened. Ciao!

Lil' Bit  PhotoLil' Bit

Contact IGCA about Lil' Bit

Hi, I'm Lil' Bit! I am a 6 year-old, 8-pound, sweet girl. I am a gorgeous tan with a white blaze on my chest.

I am a very loving girl and know some manners already. I know to stay back when the front door is opened and I know the words "out" and "no." I like to jump around and play, especially with other gentle doggies. I love to drop my head on my mom's chest when I am sitting on her lap to receive love and petting. We play "chase" with her hand under a blanket, acting like she is chasing me with it, and I love to play dodge. I follow my foster mom everywhere she goes, just in case she needs me.

I don't like loud noises and am shy with a group of new people or doggies. I hide until I get a sense of the situation. If it is only one or two quiet people or dogs, I come out for pets and kisses, no problem.

I am up to date on all my vetting. I have a muscle issue that doesn’t require medical attention, but leads to a little trouble putting my front legs down. I just take some extra Omega3 each day. Because of this issue, I prefer not being confined in a crate and I do need a little help getting started walking sometimes. If I have to go down too many stairs or rush, I may do a nose dive and bump my chin on the ground—my foster mom calls it a "face plant," but I don't mind if you laugh. Probably carpet would be easier for me than the wood and tile floors at my foster house. I do use a doggie door, but it leads to steps, so I come in through it, but I don’t like going out, maybe if I had a ramp instead of steps it would be easier.

I'm working on house-training, and I will use a pee pad if I can't get outside. I'm also working on walking on a leash. My foster mom is so proud of me. I came into foster care with bad teeth, so most were removed. You should see me try to eat green beans off the floor with only my two top canine teeth and 2 other teeth. Again, I don't mind if you laugh.

I'm so loving, my foster mom would keep me but she already has two other doggy kids (darn, they got here first). She reassures me that as soon as I am posted, "someone" is going to snap me up and she is going to be sad to see me go. Are you "someone"?

Jojo  PhotoJoJo

Contact IGCA about JoJo

Hello world! My name is JoJo! I am an 8 year-old, 13-pound, well-mannered gentleman in search of my forever home. I was not considered very special in my previous home, so I am hoping to find someone who will see me for the truly special soul I am.

My foster mom says I have outstanding house manners: I have not gone potty inside my foster house — instead, I will quietly implore you with my mesmerizing stare to get you to open the door when I have to go out. I love a soft bed and will happily curl up and sleep wherever you want me to. I'm still learning that it's OK to snuggle with people on the couch....I really like it when I do it, but I get kinda overwhelmed so I usually move quietly back to my cushion after a minute or two.

Because I was neglected in the past, my teeth were left in pretty poor condition. The nice rescue people took care of that, and I had a few removed, but it hasn't diminished my love of meal time, especially if there's chicken on the menu! I prefer soft foods, with lots of chicken. Did I mention I like chicken?

I have lived with other dogs and am fine with the other dogs in my foster home. I am a little nervous if the other dogs are too rough, but I wouldn't mind at all if you had a canine partner for me to be friends with. Of course, if you're just looking for me to be your only Iggy, that would be awesome too! I know my leash manners, am very well behaved in the car, at the vet, pretty much anywhere you want to take me. I'm not much for barking....too noisy. However, if you're eating chicken I might softly whine and reach out a paw in case you forget I'm there. As I said, I'm kind of fond of chicken....Can't help myself.

If you think you might have a place for me to shine in your heart, I'd love to meet you. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Slim  PhotoSlim

Contact IGCA about Slim

My name is Slim and I am looking to adopt a family with special needs: Do you have a special need to be loved and worshipped? Do you have a special need to be met at the door by a wagging tail? Do you have a special need to engage in some hardcore cuddling? I am willing and able to reasonably accommodate all of your special needs.

I wasn't really supposed to be looking for a new family, so thank your lucky stars that this opportunity is being presented to you. I had my own home and was loved and well taken care of by my own human. Sadly, he died last December and I ended up at the groomer’s and stayed there for 7 months. Eventually I landed in rescue. I know that was not what my human had in mind so I handled it well and did not let it break my spirit. I want to go to my new family as quickly as possible so my old human can rest assured that I have new people to take care of and that I'm safe. I don't want him to worry.

My foster momma says I'm "resilient." I think that’s fancy speak for "cuddly." She also says that I haven't let any of the recent events in my life stop me or hold me back, so yeah, it means cuddly for sure because I'm totally adorable and I cuddle like a boss.

I should mention that I'm a little bit blind (a lot). I also don't let that stop me. Granted, I run into stuff here and there, but no biggie, I can hold my own in any situation. I find my way around very well and jump on and off the couch when invited. My foster house has steps on most sofas and beds and I've learned to use them — pretty convenient stuff. My chronological age is 'undetermined' but I'm young at heart. I enjoy playing with squeaky toys, adore going for walks and like riding in the car and going places.

At my foster home, I enjoy the company of three other foster IGs. I like to greet all dogs and people I run into on my walks and outings, even the large ones!! (I'm very confident.) If the others push me too hard and I cry a little, my foster momma holds me tight and tells me "you is smart, you is kind, you is important" and gives me a bunch of kisses that I love.

My foster momma doesn't crate me, but as I mentioned, I stayed at the groomer's for 7 months, so I think that passes for "crate-trained." My foster momma is helping me make up for the time at the groomer's with lots of cuddles, generous meals (I had lost some weight), long walks and sunning sessions in the backyard.

If you think I sound as amazing as I actually am, snap me up quickly because this is a limited time opportunity. I am sure to go fast.

Tevi PhotoTevi

Contact IGCA about Tevi

Hi there, my name is Tevi but my foster mom calls me "Lucky" or "Little Stinker." I am 3 years old and about 11 pounds.

Mom says that I'm "Lucky" because all the problems I had when I came into rescue have been fixed or are in the process of being resolved. I came from a breeder and suffered medical issues including heartworms. I've been treated and the worms are gone.  It's a shame — I might have liked to eat them. I love to eat! I am right up front when my foster dad is handing out treats and CHEESE! When I came into rescue I was a bit shy since I wasn't used to people but I've come a long way, baby! Due to a broken leg (that has now healed — told you I was lucky) I've become attached to my foster mom and like for her to pick me up. Now that I'm more mobile, I'm ready to learn more independence, though of course I still love to lay with her when she is sitting on the couch. Since I had a broken leg I haven't been able to go a lot of places but the cast is off and my doctor has cleared me so it's off to the park and maybe even school.

I’m "Little Stinker" because I like to play with my foster brothers and sisters toys and I also find other things I consider toys that maybe my foster mom doesn't.

Dad still makes me a little nervous ... but I'm slowly coming out of my shell. I even waited at the gate for him the other night when he wasn’t home — it was almost "cheese time" and I was a little worried he'd be late. Mom is working on helping me to gain confidence when I go out and about.

I walk and potty on leash and mom is teaching me not to circle when I'm nervous. I will be a little shy when you first meet me, but I do warm up especially if you have other dogs for me to play with and cheese!

Some Things to Consider Before Adopting an Italian Greyhound

Family Planning:
Italian Greyhounds are pack animals and they bond closely with their humans. They thrive on having attention. It is not unusual for people to acquire an Italian Greyhound before they are ready to start a family since they offer so much joy and companionship in the home. When children arrive in the home, balancing dog ownership and parenting can present challenges that result in the dog losing its home. Though it may be difficult for you to imagine giving up your "IG baby" for your human baby today, the arrival of children in the home is one of the top 5 reasons that IG's are given up by their owners. We appreciate your understanding our candor in asking about your plans for having children or grandchildren in your home so we have an opportunity to talk with you about the most common problems people face when they bring a new baby home. This will help you make an educated decision on whether an IG is going to mesh with your long term family plans. If we fail to ask you about it and children might be in your future, even 10 years from now, please ask your IGCA Rescue Representative about this important topic! We want you to be successful in giving one of our rescue IG's a loving family for life!

A Family for Life:
IG's can live as long as 18 years! It is our goal to place our rescue IG's in homes that will provide for the dog's health and safety in a loving family environment for the dog's lifetime. The younger the dog you adopt, the longer the commitment! We understand that circumstances can change and people are not always able to keep their rescue IG. However, if you have significant foreseeable changes in your life that will conflict with giving a rescue IG a life long commitment (multiple moves ahead of you, overseas travel, financial issues etc.), please consider other ways that you can enjoy this wonderful breed such as applying to foster which does not carry a long term commitment.

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